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Did You Know:

Optimize Fuel Cost and Reduce Carbon Output
Did you know that the shipping weight of a product is a big factor in your total logistics cost. By looking at different flow paths and the total distance shipped, fuel & green house gas output can be dramatically reduced saving you money while keeping the environment clean.


We deliver exceptional value by improving your cash flow and customer service, while simultaneously reducing the cost of your supply chain services. This is done in key areas via Information Technology, Fuel Surcharge Management and Freight Audit.

Container Ship

Ocean Freight

Are you looking to cut costs on your containerized ocean freight shipments? As an added benefit, our Quick Quote technology enables us to obtain the best possible rates for you (based on current market conditions). Add extensive carrier networks and your options are limitless.

Cargo Plane

Air Freight

Quick Quote is the only system that can find the empty planes leaving your destination in near real-time. Our Air Freight services are uniquely designed to offer you:
 • Expanded Cost Savings
 • Strong, Established Network in Place